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So many of us today are trying to balance our relationships–From the church, to the board room, to the bedroom, our relationships are suffering under the weight of societal pressures and distractions. Text messages and social media have become the norm for the way most of us communicate to each other and what we are “clicking, uploading and posting” can damage our relationships forever.Come to this forum and hear our panelists shed some light on navigating today’s relationships.


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1459765796-3129483-187x187-darcel-dillard-suiteDarcel Dillard-Suite, M. S.

Darcel is an Executive Trainer, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She is a founding member and co-president of Full Circle Health, PLLC, a unique mental wellness agency (www.fullcirclehealth.org) and Executive Director of the not for profit, Full Circle Life Enrichment Center (www.fullcirclelife.com). www.darceldillardsuite.com


1459765796-3199215-188x188x188x188x0x0-tracyTracy Douglas-Humphreys, M. S.

Tracy is an Executive Trainer and Success Coach. She is a natural and gifted speaker who travels globally to help professionals achieve being their best selves.www.iamtracyelizabeth.com