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The Fruit of the Spirit: Thorns in Our Flesh, is a user friendly guide taken from the journals of the authors on how to strengthen your marriage by implementing the 9 biblically based fruit of the spirit virtues... Click here to read more



Dr. Derek H. Suite M.D., Co-Founder of Full Circle Health in the Bronx, NY, talks about why it's important to get to know your brain.... Click here to view the Youtube Video

  • Our Mission

    We are dedicated to eliminating barriers such as stigma, shame and fear associated with having mental illness or seeking mental health treatment. The center also focuses on the mental health needs of women and children who suffer as a result of domestic violence, trauma and homelessness.

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  • Our Commitment to the Community

    By collaborating with our community partners and related service agencies, the Center is able to educate and train families and first-responders, and eliminate healthcare disparities by increasing access and usage of to mental health services by low income and underserved families.

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  • How you can Help

    1 in 3 Americans are suffering from a mental disorder each year. That is over 75 million people and it is just one alarming fact about mental illness in our community. Click here to read more. Help us give hope to others in our community by donating to our organization. If you are not able to donate money, contact us about Volunteering.

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